VANLIFE | Packing list for 3 months

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What did we take, what wouldn’t have been necessary and what should we have got and packed?

We think that the question “what do I take with me?” is asked by every traveller, for a holiday, roadtrip or if you start your full-time vanlife. Some things seem to be very important, but aren’t in the end, or you just take them because they are important to you emotionally.

We did a little recapitulation on our stuff after four months of full-time traveling and want to share our findings with you! Ofcourse this is not all of it, but we feel this list is covering the general things. If you want us to go into detail, let us know!

What we should have left at home:

  • Extra pan for pasta with sieve (we have a pan and a general sieve)
  • Tent, bedroll and mattress for visitors (we stay rarely on campsites and Airbnb is cheaper)
  • 2 extra chairs (we are just with the two of us)
  • Rubbish bag (we get so much bags at markets, we never use them)
  • Smellthing to fend gnats and flies (it is winter, even in southern Europe)
  • Too many clothes (on the road, you care less what you wear)
  • Hobby-stuff (just think about if you will really use it and is there enough space to do it)
  • Extra watertanks (we have one big with a pump and 2 from +- 10l, one extra is enough, you can find water everywhere in Europe)

What we bought on the way:

  • Little shovel (to poo in the nature and leave no trace)
  • Chain of lights (to make it cosy)
  • Duck-Tape (good for everything)
  • Big lid for wok (otherwise it takes hours and more gas to cook)
  • Snorkelmasks (as a present to ourselves, haven’t used them though)

What we surerly will buy for the next journey:

  • Solar panels (no need for campsites anymore because we produce our own electricity)
  • Shelf (we have a lot of storage space, but some adjustments could be made)
  • Disintegrating poobags (to simplify the need of a toilet if you aren’t surrounded by nature)
  • Portable washing machine (to make a little laundry from time to time, public or camp washing machines are quit expensive)

What we took with us after doubting over it:

  • Porta potti (we don’t have a bathroom, so perfect alternative)
  • Boxes (perfect to organize the bigger storage space)

This list is for our personal needs, it sure depends on every person what’s important, on what your journey is focused and where you’re traveling to.

We hope that this little summary will help you to make your own packing list that fits with your needs and journey!