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When people visit Sintra, they will often take a bus to the Pena Palace. The Atlas Obscura website suggested visiting a different castle which seemed far more interesting: Quinta da Regaleira. Quinta da Regaleira has several buildings that are richly decorated, an enormous garden with caves, corridors, small castles, chapels and other interesting details. There is an underground labyrinth, an aquarium and two wells. One of those wells is a real highlight of Quinta Da Regaleira. This well was not used as a well during the occupation of the Templars. Instead, stairs were carved into the walls of the well. They were used to quickly get from A to B. The stairs lead to underground caves, and ensured you could get to them quickly.

We couldn’t believe our eyes on our visit to Quinta da Regaleira! What a beautiful place, full of flora and beautiful architecture. Most of all, we enjoyed seeing all the secret passages and caves. Even though it was a weekday and the weather was just ok, there was no lack of tourists. The entrance price is fairly steep, but it’s well worth it!