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The historic village of Consuegra is just an hour’s drive from Madrid. Here you can find twelve white windmills elevated on top of a mountain ridge. These iconic grain mills were built in the sixteenth century and ‘retired’ in 1980. You can visit some of the mills these days. Learning about the history of the mills is really interesting, and the view of the surrounding countryside is amazing too. Did you know that these white mills played a leading role in the story of Don Quixote from 1605? In the story, the hero Don Quixote thinks that the windmills are giants, and he prepares to go into battle with them. A fun fact to know if you’re going to visit here! As well as the mills, you can also visit the impressive ‘La Muela’ castle.

We enjoyed our visit to this beautiful place. We decided to spend the night in a spot with a view of the mills, and experienced a stunning sunset too. Next morning when we woke up, the mills had disappeared into the fog. Luckily, the fog slowly disappeared and we could see enough to take some pictures. Unfortunately we didn’t see the inside of the mills. Maybe we’ll do that if we’re in the area again. Would you like to see the inside of the mills and the castle? Tickets are € 7.50 for adults and € 4.50 for children between the ages of 7 and 12.