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Josep Pujiula started creating a labyrinth along the River Fluvia in Catalonia in 1980. The labyrinth was built using natural products, and Pujiula brought it all to life using sculptures and other imagery. But in 2002, he was forced to destroy it all, because a new motorway needed to be built. But this didn’t stop him – he just started building a new labyrinth alongside the motorway. This is the labyrinth that you can now visit. It’s not all that big, but you won’t be able to believe your eyes. You’ll see high scaffolding made of branches, a small cave, a little waterfall, interesting sculptures and even a vegetable garden with a memorial stone.

The park isn’t very easy to find – we had to ask a few people for directions. But once we were there we really appreciated all the natural products that he’d used. Josep Pujiula has since died, but his world is well maintained and regularly visited. We really enjoyed our time in the mini labyrinth!