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Just north of Valencia, in the town of Navajas, is the huge waterfall of Salto de la Novia. This thirty-meter-high waterfall crashes into the River Riu Palancia, and is surrounded by nature. There’s an almost fairytale like atmosphere. And this place has a legend too: young brides had to jump over the river to prove that their love was true, and that their marriage would be a success. Most brides would find a spot where the river wasn’t very wide, but one bride wasn’t so lucky. She jumped and slipped. Her groom jumped after her to save her, but he didn’t succeed. They both drowned thanks to the strong current. They say that you can still hear their voices around midnight, and that the waterfall turns as white as her dress. A bit of a spooky story, but it doesn’t make the waterfall any less beautiful.

Salto de la Novia is really a magical place, and we spent about an hour here. When we visited, it wasn’t really warm enough to swim, otherwise we definitely would have stayed for longer! Tip: there’s another waterfall close by. We needed to climb a bit to find it, but it gave us an even better view of the Salto de la Novia.