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Fotofabriek asked us if we wanted to design our own Christmas cards. Since the holidays are still 1,5 months away we weren’t convinced to do it yet. Though then we realized that in these weird times, it might be thoughtful to send some to the family that lives further away and friends we can’t visit.

So even before Halloween, we did a little Christmas shoot to design our very own Christmas cards. We’ve done it before when we were on our first big trip three years ago. Then it felt weird since we were enjoying ourselves at 20 degrees celsius. Now it was weird because we had just done a Halloween photoshoot 2 weeks before Halloween. 

Anyway, we got up and found some nice holiday props to shoot with and we were very happy with the result! That same day I went to the website of Fotofabriek and started to design our own cards

Little did I know that we could actually just pick a cute card and put our own photo in it! The pre-made cards were adorable and you could add little illustrations and text to it as well. I tried a few ones, but our photo didn’t fit well, so I chose the option to DIY (do it yourself) and added our photo onto the card.

In one picture Michèle noticed that her fingers were very long, so she asked me to find a way to cover it up! I used a little Christmas flower to disguise it. 

I was happy with the result on the front, so I went to the back. Here I could choose the color of the back and also add illustrations to make it less white. One card has a green background with a present and Christmas lights. The other one is red and has a little penguin who is reaching towards a Christmas star. 

I placed the order and the next day the cards were delivered! So fast! When we opened the package we were surprised that the cards also have an envelope! This makes the whole gesture more classy.

The quality of the pictures are very detailed and you can even see my little scar on my cheek! The back is also very nice. The colors are bright and the illustrations are very well printed!

We’ve worked with Fotofabriek before and loved how our photo album came out. We had no reason to doubt that the quality of the Christmas cards was any less!

Apart from Christmas Cards you can design your own cards for any occasion! Maybe there is not much to celebrate right now, but a home made card for the ones you love to support or say hi, is always a good idea!

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