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We thought it was time to list a few great tips to get through another lockdown. During the first one we pretty much were still in Australia and quarantine after. We always found some kind of amusement to keep us busy and we want to share those!

First up the very obvious one: NETFLIX & CHILL.

It’s great that you have an online service with all the entertainment you can possibly think off and you can access it from wherever you are. Though let us mix it up a little! 

Decorate your space with all the cute lights you can find. Make popcorn or other snacks to enjoy during your marathon of Harry Potter or binge-watching that one show you can’t get enough from. Put on your coziest outfit and most importantly find your coolest socks! We can recommend our fancy rainbow Happy Socks and the ones with popcorn!

We got ours from Hemd voor Hem and they’re so comfortable! We got our order very fast and it was packed as a cute gift. For more cool socks, go to their website and order your favorites for a cozy night.

Though before you start to watch, put away your phones and make sure you get yourself a drink. When someone says the word “YES” or “NO” or any other word that seems common, take a sip. It doesn’t matter if you have a tea or an alcoholic beverage, it makes the watching a little more active!

Second tip is playing games.

I know it’s not for everyone, but games are social, fun and can be interactive.

When I say games I don’t talk about the PlayStation gaming stuff, but the original board games. Many of them are very old school, but some are very modern as well. Think of an escape room game. You have to solve the mystery with only cards in a time frame. Unfortunately you can only play it once, but you can then send it to your friends so they can play

When you’re alone, invite your friends to play online. There are multiple services that offer board games to play with your friends. We’ve done a lot online and it was so much fun! Especially since you can turn on the webcam and audio as well. When you have no friends to play with you can easily join someone’s game and meet total strangers.

Our favorite games are Carcasonne, Uno, Skipbo, Yathzee, Rummikub and Seven Wonders.


Our third and last tip is GET CREATIVE.

I don’t necessarily mean getting creative with drawing or painting, but there are so many ways!

Think about it, you love cooking and you want to share that. Start a food blog. Try to up your photography skills while hiking around in nature or city. Start making small films or try every DIY you can find on Pinterest. Maybe you love to knit and you haven’t had any time to make that scarf for the winter. The possibilities are endless!

Start projects you’ve wanted to start for ages and make them your priority. You will feel accomplished when you’re doing them and now is definitely the time!

We’ve started a DIY project for our future home. It’s not very creative yet, but documenting the process has been one of my projects. Same as this blog. Telling about past travels, helping people to find and make sustainable choices… It’s all part of my creative journey.

What is your best tip to stay busy during another lockdown?