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Australia, one of the hottest climates of the world, at least in summer. My (Sanne) mother works with the cosmetic brand Jafra and she gave us a ton of sunscreen to start our travels. After 3 months we worked through that load and we needed to find another brand. Since Australia is very protective of the wildlife and environment, it seemed a good fit to look for a sunscreen that has a minimum of SPF 50, is free of chemicals that can cause health risks and that is eco friendly. In this case I mean oceanfriendly.

While road tripping through Western Australia we found a sunscreen that fits all the requirements. I contacted them and we got a sample! The sunscreen is actually a sunbutter and is water resistant up to 4 hours!

Sunbutter Sunscreen is founded in 2016 by marine biologist team Tom Hiney and Sacha Guggenheimer. While they were working in the Western Australia Ningaloo Reef (one we haven’t visited just yet), they created a natural high quality sun protection that had no chemicals in it bad for the skin and the reef. They used to hand make the sunblock for the people working in and on the reef! They both have an incredible background caring for the planet, that was the main key to the creation of Sunbutter.

So what is in the Sunbutter? It has a physical UV blocker called Zinc to begin with. The good thing about this UVA protector is that it’s a mineral, not a chemical. You could compare it with a mirror that reflects the harmful radiation. It’s also a soothing factor to ease minor skin irritations.

  1. Zinc doesn’t get absorbed into the body. That means is it less likely to cause skin irritations or allergies. No nasty chemicals that will interfere with your hormones.
  2. Zinc provided the best kind of protection against UVA and UVB. It’s also safer for the environment since the nanotechnology particles can’t be absorbed by coral.
  3. The other ingredients in this already amazing sunscreen are all natural. It includes coconut oil, vitamin E, candelilla wax, castor oil and isostatic acid.

We have tested it and absolutely love it! The sunscreen doesn’t smell strongely, which is good since Michele doesn’t like perfumed products. we put it on right before we were about to swim. It’s really easy to get out of the tin and it almost melts on your skin; that’s because it is butter.

Often we feel other sunscreens dripping of our face into our eyes, which is not only annoying but also bad for them. Since Sunbutter is on an oily base, it stays in place. No more blinking and tearing when you’re on the beach! (Except if you get some salty water in). 

We follow Sunbutter online and have found already great ways to use the tin once it’s empty. We’re thinking about the jewelry we always lose in our bags or loose tea! What would you use the tin for?

Since the heartbreaking Australian bushfires are still going on, Sunbutter has decided to donate 5$ from every sale to Wires Wildlife Rescue. So make sure to order your sunscreen now and protect the world and yourself!

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