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When we came back from Australia, we were pretty sad that we had to cut our adventure short. We know we’re privileged, but it was still difficult to decide and leave the country that we had lived in for 6 months. We had so many good memories and we felt we needed to preserve those by making a photo album. We had specifically looked for a service that was in the “area” and that values sustainability. We ended up with Fotofabriek and got the opportunity to make the album of our dreams. For others, but mostly for ourselves! This way we can remind ourselves of the amazing times we had and look back to the gorgeous views.

So why did we choose Fotofabriek? Well we had heard some great stories about their service, the good quality they deliver and the fast producing and shipping. When we looked at the website we found this special page about sustainability. After reading we knew we had to order our album over here!

Fotofabriek values the world and the happy green color throughout the whole website shows that as well! They try to focus more and more on sustainability every day. During and after the process and in the way they use their all the raw materials.

A lot of photo album services use chemicals in their production. Since Fotofabriek uses digital print, they don’t have to take those into the production process. The chemicals used during chemical print aren’t only a hazard to the environment, but also to the employees. Gladly Fotofabriek focuses on different ways to get the same result.

Limiting CO2-emission
For every order with Fotofabriek, you can choose to go and get your order at a distribution point. They use local suppliers to support and to make sure that the emission is limited. Since buying in bulk also saves a lot on transport, this is something Fotofabriek does. When a company orders in bulk, they try to choose the best and most sustainable distributor for that order in the area.

The packaging of the photo album has limited plastics. The packaging contains mostly cardboard, which is recycled! For the paper of the album they use certified FSC-paper (paper from responsible sources). The cover is laminated with PET, which creates less scratches and is really solid. Using PET they aim for a quality that lasts longer and doesn’t end up in the bin any time soon.

The waste is separated in paper, plastic and metals throughout the whole company. During the production process they strive to create as less waste as possible. The rest materials are recycled and used in new products. Mostly cork and plastic are reused in the covers or any of the other high quality products they offer.

If we had known about Fotofabriek earlier, we wouldn’t have looked any further. The process of making our album was incredibly easy. There are a lot of tools you can use to create the result you want. The production process was very quick and so was the delivery. We’re very content with our album and grateful for the opportunity to test this service!

Apart from photo albums, Fotofabriek offers a wide range of photo products. Anything you need to give as a gift, to decorate your house or to keep as a beautiful memory. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and we agree with that!