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We were looking for underwear online and couldn’t find one that would fit us, our beliefs and our bodies. We normally shopped our pieces at H&M or local stores where they sell cheaper ones. Through an Instagram ad (I guess they’re good for something after all) we were introduced to Organic Basics. The name definitely attracted our attention and once we were on the website, we were enthusiastic!

Organic Basics was founded by three friends in Denmark who all didn’t like the underwear they were wearing. They decided that they could make something that would be better. All three didn’t have any experience, didn’t go to a fashion school, but they just went for it! Their core value was and is sustainability. It doesn’t mean that they’re just using it and make sure part of their business is sustainable, they make sure the WHOLE business is!

“That means choosing environmentally friendly fabrics, partnering with responsible and transparent factories and designing products for longevity. Sustainability is always at the core – that’s what drives us to innovate and develop.” – Organic Basics

We were pleased to receive a set of their best selling products. The “Women’s Organic Cotton Starter Pack”. This features an organic cotton Triangle Bra and two pairs of Bikini Briefs. We could choose between black or nude rose, but decided to go for black! Michèle choose M for the bra and XL for the briefs. I choose L for the bra and L for the briefs.

Compared to other cotton products in the same production range, a total of 0.89 kg CO2 is prevented, as is 492 grams of chemicals and 36 grams of waste as well. If you could prevent all that on a huge scale, the world would probably a cleaner place!

The products are made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. They’re designed in Demark and fairly made in Turkey. They haven’t used any pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, and no modified cotton seeds. The production is also GOTS certified. That means that all material, factories, production process, and the final product is living up to the highest organic and fair workplace standards.

Sounds good right!

We were pleased with the way the underwear was packaged. It looked professional, honest and sustainable. No plastics were used, just carton. After unpacking our gifts (it does feel like Christmas) we immediately tried them on.

The cotton feels very soft and high quality. The bra fits Michèle better since she has smaller boobs, but also for me it feels comfortable. Just when the bra strap is slightly falling off my shoulder, my boob peeks out of the bra. That’s no problem because I’m always wearing a shirt 😉

The briefs also fit perfectly and we both are happy with the wide band at the top. It makes sure it stays in place.

We’re now very comfortable with our underwear and would definitely recommend it! They also have activewear, socks, shirts and much more! Go check the website if you can find something you like. Use our code “MISAOB” at the checkout for 10% off your entire order!