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We had the privilege to choose a product at Studentendrukwerk and we couldn’t be happier!

As you might know from our Instagram, we’re planning on buying a part of Michèle’s parents’ house and renovate it into a small loft for ourselves and our future pets. Next to our loft we plan on making a bed and breakfast! We’re starting with two rooms and want to enlarge it in the future.

When Studentendrukwerk approached us for a collaboration we were very excited! Michèle’s room is full of Disney posters and my posters are mostly huge band pictures. The opportunity to choose a memory we made together for our future home couldn’t come at a better time. We were not sure which photo to pick (as we have so so many), but found the perfect one.

This photo was taken during our road trip to Tasmania, Australia. I flew my drone in the early morning and captured this amazing light on the beautiful nature around the campsite. We were surrounded by lakes, hills, mountains and a river. It was one of the most beautiful spots we camped at during our Aussie adventures. To have that memory in our home is a privilege!

Studentendrukwerk has many wall decoration options to choose from. We went with Dibond. We had no idea what it was, but it sounded interesting. Dibond is like printing on a metal board, it has a white top layer and it’s ideal for photos and logos. It’s water and UV-proof, very modern, thin and you can also put it outside! I was very interested in the UV-proof part. I hate it when my photos fade because of too much sunlight. As we plan on a very open and light space in our future home, this is a perfect and beautiful addition to our wall!

The quality of the image is so good! Bright colors, so incredibly sharp! We even noticed the toilet being on the photo, didn’t see that during the editing process… We’re really happy with it and the material feels great! Can’t wait for our home to be ready and hang it up!

Apart from wall decorations, Studentendrukwerk is specialized in many other products. They print theses, photos, flyers, t-shirts, notebooks, menus, banners and so much more. The service they offer is professional, relatively cheap, super quick and very easy. We are very pleased with the way it all worked and I want to shout out the shipping! We ordered on Monday (it’s a Dutch company) and the package was delivered on a Thursday! So quick! Plus they don’t charge extra for shipping to Belgium, which is a very big plus for us too. 

Thank you Studentendrukwerk for this sustainable opportunity! It will get a prominent place on one of our walls so we can go back to this moment every time we see it.