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When we arrived on our job at Rottnest Island we found out we were working at a breakfast and lunch café. During the first days of work we learned that we could drink as much coffee or chocolate milk as we wanted. We thought that was really nice and we did so. During those days we also found ourselves using so many one use cups that we kind of were disgusted by at. We try to pay a lot of attention when it comes to plastic use and throw away items. We have implemented quite a few products in our lifestyle that are producing less waste and are better for the environment.

When we were mentioning that we didn’t want to use any single use cups anymore (in the kitchen glass or ceramic is not allowed) we got a tip. At another café on the island we could buy ourselves a coffee mug. We went there and bought one. Michele could use the ceramic cups while she worked on the floor and I was more than content with my new cup. Now you’re thinking, why am I reading a blog post about a coffee cup that I have plenty of at home. Well let me tell you, the ones we have at home are way different from this one!

The cup we bought, and later on received, is from the UK founded brand rcup. They set up a new headquarters in Australia and are the very first coffee cup recycling program. You read that correct, these cups are made of recycled single used ones. This program is called Simply Cups. They partnered with local process innovators who have developed new technology to seperate the plastic liner from the paper cups. You see Australians use over one billion disposable coffee cups each year without a way to recycle them. Now there is a way and the materials can be turned into new end-use products.

The whole process of production is included when you buy one, but I thought it would be interested to share it.

  1. Simply cups collects millions of used coffee cups.
  2. The cups are cleaned.
  3. They are shredded into tiny pieces.
  4. Then they’re blended with a recycled polymer, the material that normally the throw away lids are used for.
  5. Rcup contains 50% recycled cups and 50% recycled cup lids. The mix makes are strong resin material that is called “NEXTCUPCYCLE”.
  6. That nextcupcycle is perfect for new products like rcup. The once worthless take-away cup is now valuable so companies can invest in recycling facilities.

Every rcup is funding a sustainable solution to global waste and they also look super trendy!

There are two sizes, 12oz (340ml) & 8oz (227ml). The bigger one is made out of 6 cups and the smaller out of 4. It’s said that using rcup the full aroma is contained which creates more flavour. The lid has a pushing mechanism so you can quickly open and close it with one hand. It also allows you to drink 360 degrees instead of through a small hole. It’s fully insulated and it’s leak proof! The cups are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

At the start of using the rcup we had a little struggle by cleaning them since on the road we don’t have a dishwasher, but rcup has this simple guide. You can remove the push button with a spoon for easy removal. You clean it and gently put it back in place. It’s really that easy!

You can buy rcup of their official website, on the simply-cups website or at different stores in the United Kingdom & Australia.