SPAIN | San Romà de Sau

In the 1960s, the Catalan government decided to create a reservoir where the village of San Romà de Sau stood. The residents were forced to leave their homes, and water flooded the village. But when it’s been dry here for a while, part of the village is exposed for a…

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SPAIN | Labyrinth in Argelaguer

Josep Pujiula started creating a labyrinth along the River Fluvia in Catalonia in 1980. The labyrinth was built using natural products, and Pujiula brought it all to life using sculptures and other imagery. But in 2002, he was forced to destroy it all, because a new motorway needed to be…

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SPAIN | Salto de la Novia

Just north of Valencia, in the town of Navajas, is the huge waterfall of Salto de la Novia. This thirty-meter-high waterfall crashes into the River Riu Palancia, and is surrounded by nature. There’s an almost fairytale like atmosphere. And this place has a legend too: young brides had to jump…

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SPAIN | Gaztelugatxe

When we found this little gem only about 45 minutes’ drive from busy Bilbao, we were really happy! You’ll arrive at Gaztelugatxe after a walk of about three kilometres from the car park. Once we reached the top of the island, we could enjoy the wonderful view. And of course…

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