LIFESTYLE | Unisex clothing

2010, a little Sanne comes from her rowing practice with her best friend. They decide to make a stop on their way home at a few shops. Debbie, who has always been herself and doesn't care what anyone thinks, encourages little Sanne to buy an oversized men's t-shirt. Little Sanne…

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Do you recognize the feeling when you're favorite shoes are so old and you need to replace them. You kind of want the same, though you think it's time for something new. Then you are lost in all the choices that are available... You're not sure whether you should look…

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LIFESTYLE | Rona chilltips

We thought it was time to list a few great tips to get through another lockdown. During the first one we pretty much were still in Australia and quarantine after. We always found some kind of amusement to keep us busy and we want to share those!First up the very…

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USE OUR CODE "MISAOB" AT THE CHECKOUT FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! (valid untill 25/12/2020)We were looking for underwear online and couldn't find one that would fit us, our beliefs and our bodies. We normally shopped our pieces at H&M or local stores where they sell cheaper ones. Through…

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