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We were gifted with a few products of NATURECAN, a company founded in May 2019 by Andy Duckworth, the former CEO of Myprotein, and Paul Finnegan. NATURECAN is a global wellness brand focused on offering a premium, safe and effective hemp derived CBD, as well as other health related products such as vitamins and minerals.

We both got into CBD when our dogs were ill. Our parents gave them a small drop to make sure they weren’t in a lot of pain. We truly believed it helped. Michèle’s brother used it on a daily basis to sleep better and also our boss used it. Since we have a hard time to get to sleep after work, we thought we might try it as well.

We got a few items to try out and we couldn’t be more excited! But before we review them, let’s give you some information about CBD & how the products can help you.

CBD Explained

CBD mostly comes in oil, or at least we thought so. We heard some friends who smoked CBD instead of weed to not get high but still relax. CBD is short for cannabidiol – an extract of the cannabis plant, and one of over 100 naturally occurring components. Once the oil is extracted, it’s then filtered to remove all of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. THC is the psychoactive element known to get you ‘high’. And by removing it, users receive all of the positive benefits without the unwanted side effects.

CBD can help you with all this:

  • Stress & anxiety
  • Boosts you immune system
  • Stomach & headache
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Period pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Concentration problems
  • and much more!

Apart from these positive functions for the body, CBD is also a popular ingredient for beauty products. NATURECAN released a whole line of skin care products.

Since CBD has no pschydelic effects, you still need to make sure you follow some “rules”. The right dosage is important if you haven’t used it before and you shouldn’t exceed the recommended intake. On NATURECAN’s website you can do a little test where, after you answer a few questions, you get the recommended dosage calculated. Keep in mind that this is an indication. Find the test here.

Other things you need to make sure of are:

  1. Don’t buy the cheap ones. Make sure you buy one that has multiple checks before they were up for sale. If you have any troubling side effects ever since you started using CBD, you might want to switch. Most side effects are caused by cheap versions. NATURECAN’s products are tested 7 times before they are sold.
  2. Make sure to check the website where you’re buying from. When they say that normal medicines are no good and that CBD will solve everything, you’re not buying from the right merchant.
  3. Make sure your CBD doesn’t have a “high” amount of THC. Some products that aren’t tested well, can have a THC level that exceeds the legal allowance.

Our review after testing the products for a week.

We got oil, capsules and cookies to test and we were so excited! The oil we tried before we found out about NATURECAN, was from our parents. It helped but we didn’t really test it.

First up the oil. I, Sanne, took the test and was recommended to take not more than 40mg a day. As I started with the 2,5% oil, I took 4 drops, equals about 10mg, about 15 minutes before I went to bed. I used the drops for a week to test it under different circumstances. Only after the third or fourth time I noticed that I fell asleep faster. Also I lost appetite. I first thought I had Corona, but I wasn’t ill. I figured it was because of my CBD intake. 

After a little research I found this: “CBD may promote weight loss by reducing appetite, boosting metabolism, and encouraging the “browning” of fat cells. However, research is currently limited, and more human studies are needed.”

I’m not complaining as I want to lose some weight for quite a while now, but I never succeed since I’m always in for food. Over the past week I didn’t feel the urge to eat as much and I didn’t really long for candy and other bad stuff. 

So yes, I’m very positive about the oil and although I won’t take it everyday, I’m sure I benefit from it!

The capsules that are better absorbed by the body and work faster, were such a good use when I had my period. The first day of my period is always a dread. I’m cold, tired and my stomach hurts so much. I waited until all my symptoms started before I took a capsule. This way I could test if it would reduce my pain and make me feel better. About 10 minutes after I swallowed the capsule with water, I felt my stomachache getting less and less. I also felt my body relax a little and got more concentration. I also tried this with my headache. It took a little longer than with my period pain, but it worked!

Lastly the cookies! We were so excited to test the edible chocolate chip cookies because they looked so good! The cookies are vegan and are filled with protein, very good after a sport session or when you need to concentrate. The taste is not like a regular chocolate chip, but it’s nonetheless very tasty!

If you’re interested to test the products yourself or you’re already a CBD user and looking for a good company, we got a discount code for you! Use “MISA20” at the checkout and get 20% off on your order!