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Do you recognize the feeling when you’re favorite shoes are so old and you need to replace them. You kind of want the same, though you think it’s time for something new. Then you are lost in all the choices that are available… You’re not sure whether you should look for a cool design, sustainability, comfort, price… 

We always had this problem, until we found these gorgeous sneakers by Tropicfeel. We were lucky that we got a pair to review and we certainly weren’t disappointed. We got the Tropicfeel Canyon Core Black

They arrived in a beautiful sustainable box with a nice quote. Also I do have to mention that shipping went FAST! We opened the box and tried the pair on immediately. We got 7,5 US women / 38 EU. Unfortunately they were a little too small for me, though they fit Michèle perfectly. She has now some very cool new pair of black all round shoes!

So who is Tropicfeel? Well, their website has the story behind the brand that I can’t put into better words:

Our journey started with a trip to Thailand. After a pair of destroyed sneakers and 100 hours walked with our heavy backpack, we came up with the idea of creating versatile pieces that could span our lives, allowing us to focus more on traveling than packing the right gear. Our main motivation was to make great gear that we would want to use ourselves no matter when and where, from New York City to the Galapagos, ensuring that the gear doesn’t sit in the closet for 11 months of the year.”

Which is a great idea. A lot of my shoes end up in the closet and after a few months, I remember I had them but actually never wore them. 

The founders of Tropicfeel acknowledged that there was also a downside to traveling: over-tourism, high consumption, and a lot of trash. They want to leave a legacy behind that is responsible, sustainable, and stays close to the community.

They started to work on a carbon-neutral way of production and they use sustainable products to create their shoes, t-shirts, bottles, and bags.

Back to the amazing shoes we received. They’re not just shoes, they’re so much more!

The soles are made with a DualCushion outsole. Apart from that, it’s very comfortable and durable, it helps against your feets fatigue. The shoes dry very quickly with the built-in drainage holes.  They also have extra toe reinforcement to protect your toes. You won’t be slipping off any slope as they have a great grip. 

The best of all of this is that the shoes are made from 6 recycled plastic bottles! The other materials can be traced as well and are eco-friendly, sustainable, and make the shoe very durable.

A small review. After wearing them for almost two days I figured that they were too small for me. Normally I have 38-39 EU size, but if you’re not sure, go a size up to be sure. After those two days, Michèle wore them during sports, work, and other activities. She found them very comfortable, her feet didn’t sweat or smell, and during a very wet bike ride, they were dry very fast. 

So if you’re looking for a durable, sustainable, and fair pair of shoes, go support this small company that wants to make the world a better place with their products!